They all died.


King Neptune Speaks

I just uploaded this for fun, for the guys who may stumble upon it. Thanks again, Scotty.


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TV INTERVIEW: Graham on Navy Hazing as seen on Inside Edition

Graham appears as one of three hazing victims, and provided 80% of the video.

Graham’s original short video of USS RANGER and FIGHTER SQUADRON ONE

Graham did all but the airborne camera work, all editing, and wrote the music.

Chapter 1: Tactical Assessment

USS RANGER steams out of San Diego Harbor for the Persian Gulf

2300 10 JUL 90. 

We’re cutting donuts through the froth of July, preparing to cross the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans into the North Arabian Sea to spin our egg-shaped wake and dump our egg shells overboard, and wait for the signal to commence hostilities against Iraq.  Continue reading “GULF in the WAR STORY”