As the featured photo proves, I have appeared on German television to report on hazing.

The extremely popular program called RTL Explosiv (no “e” in German) aired at prime time (7pm) on a Friday evening, and again the following Monday at 10 am, reporting a total of more than 10,000,000 viewers in 12 German-speaking countries across Europe.

They sent me a copy and now allowed me to digitalize and upload it exclusively to my Youtube channel. Click here or click on the picture.

RTL sent me a copy of the hazing episode that aired 21 (and 24) February 1997.

At my Youtube channel you can compare the German RTL broadcast with the American broadcast, which I had there in the past and had over 35,000 views, but took down when I had no time to devlop my channel. Now I have it back up and you can compare the two.

For Inside Edition I provided the lion’s share of original video and they told me they could not have done the episode without me, but I was one of three people interviewed. In the European (RTL) appearance, I was the only person interviewed. I did hear that the German military came to RTL after seeing my story and two weeks later they did a story on hazing in the German Army, but I have never seen it. If I find it on Youtube I will see if I can link to it from my channel.

The American broadcasting Corporation (ABC) production company PrimeTime Live with Sam Donaldson contracted, as you can see here, to be the first broadcaster to air the story in North-America, but then they decided not to broadcast WHILE THEY WERE STILL REFUSING TO AGREE TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT!

They kept saying they would broadcast it to 20 million viewers at 10pm Wednesday, then next Wednesday, then next, for at least six weeks, while CBS London and NBC expressed interest but could do nothing because of this memo (I made a deal with MISTER WRONG):

I made a deal with Mr. Wrong, and indeed it turned out to be the wrong deal.

ABC interviewed me “live to tape” (that is when a producer asks you in real life but the important personality, i.e., Sam Donaldson, asks you when it airs on TV) from a studio in Bonn, picking me up from my apartment in Germany at midnight and bringing me home at about 3 am.

Although I never heard a convincing reason for their failure to broadcast the episode, I’m personally convinced it had something to do with the t-shirt this sailor was wearing:

Assailant in my hazing video sports a t-shirt with “Good Morning America ABC” on it.

I did talk on a phone with Sam Donaldson, and he said “Prosit” (like when you raise your glass in a toast) but Germans really say it with one syllable, “pros’t.”

On camera at two in the morning for a show that never aired (ABC PrimeTime Live)

So in effect, ABC kept the story from the American public from February, when we made our deal, until November, when EIGHT TIME EMMY AWARD WINNING Investigative News Reporter Matt Meagher flew over to Germany to interview me for INSIDE EDITION. That interview reported 10,000,000 viewers of the single broadcast.

Inide Edition’s New York producer Miguel Sanchez told me they’d threatened to sue ABC to get me out of the contract.

Inside Edition threatened to sue ABC to get my story. It aired finally on 5 November 1997.

All told, the number did reach 20 MILLION VIEWERS IN 12 COUNTRIES who have seen my hazing evidence from inside the real Top Gun, the US NAVY’S FIGHTER SQUADRON ONE, which I recorded in 1989 and 1991, that is, before and after OPERATION DESERT STORM.

For both instances, the location I recorded hazing was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and the occasion was known as the EQUATOR CROSSING in which those who have never come so far get “initiated” into the MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP and DAVY JONES’ LOCKER.

The socalled “SHELLBACK INITIATION CEREMONY” (also known as WOG DAY) is very much like a scene out of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN but without Johnny Depp (whom I walked right by in the basement of the cinema at the 64th Cannes Film Festival — but that’s another story).