As I set out to study Drama at Diablo Valley College in the San Francisco Bay Area, my first shocking lesson took place during an improvisation with Debra Blee, busty diva in a now classic B movie called “The Beach Girls” (that’s Deb on the left).

screen-shot-01-24-17-at-09-12-pmMy drama teacher, Leslie Abbott, though no longer famous, was one of the best in his time.

Through Les I met for example these two guys:


Roscoe Lee Browne and Laurance Fishburne

Les insisted my partner play a woman married to me, informing me she was pregnant from another man. I dealt with this the best way I knew how, attempting to assure her of my love despite this complication. Dissatisfied, my teacher added this would be a black baby. I continued to try and overcome these obstacles until he finally read me the rule. There is no drama without conflict. So an actor, and this is my point, lives and breathes and thrives — AS DOES ALL OF HOLLYWOOD — on finding the conflict.

They seek it out like ABC producer Terry Wrong, who kept asking me “have you got any blood” as he contracted to broadcast my US Navy hazing videos on Prime Time Live — then backed out once they saw that the black assailant wore a t-shirt with, placed very prominently in the video, “Good Morning America ABC”.


It did wind up with 20 million viewers anyway and you can see the shirt and feel the pain by way of my Youtube channel if you really wanna see that drama. And yeah, I took twice as many drama than English courses and still wound up with a book at Harvard’s library.


I even considered Meryl the ideal actress for a movie I wrote about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wherein she would play the Academy President.

I haven’t sold it, yet.

So it’s not that I disrespect her as a talent.

I’m just bitterly disappointed that she is not a fan of the greatest President to take the oath of office in my lifetime (I am 60 now).

I hated Bush, hated Clinton, and hated the imposter (I refuse to say his name).

But I love Donald J. Trump. If you have a conflict with Donald, you have a conflict with me. And not that you give a rat’s ass, but I do have five war medals and have received combat pay, for defending your right to voice your disagreement with me.